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Renesa is currently looking for new recruits:

1. Writers from 1st Year.

2. Designers from 1st Year and 2nd Year.

Interviews will be held from the 11th to the 13th of October, 2021.

Now Recruiting

What does a writer/editor at Renesa do?

  • Write original articles, stories, and news reports on various topics, across multiple genres.

    • Writers at Renesa may work on well-researched articles, factual and unbiased news reports, opinion pieces on important issues, articles covering events or achievements related to SVNIT, fictional stories of any genre, poetry, analytical review pieces on movies, books, documentaries, TV series, and much more.

  • Edit written work coming in and improve its quality.

    • Writers at Renesa also function as editors – reading written work submitted to us, proofreading it, analyzing the article for errors, fact-checking, plagiarism-checking, and providing suggestions for improvements of the written piece in question.

  • Depending on the writer's interests and abilities, he/she may take up extra work in the form of writing content for Renesa’s social media handles, writing content for the Renesa website, taking interviews (written, audio, or video) of various personalities, including students, professors, alumni, and other interesting people both inside and outside of SVNIT.

  • Renesa’s writers may also work as news correspondents, gathering information about a particular event or achievement and presenting it in the form of an article, or in the form of a video news report.


These are just some of the tasks that a Renesa writer does. If any of this sounds interesting to you, be sure to fill out the registration form given below and appear for the upcoming interviews.

What does an Designer at Renesa do?

  • As a designer at Renesa, you will be responsible for creating riveting visuals for content spanning from official magazines, blogpost illustrations and social media posts. 

  • You will be ideating, brainstorming and converting the rough ideas into high fidelity deliverables using industry-standard tools like Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Figma, Procreate, etc.

  • If you enjoy creating and delivering high quality designs with a preference for progress over precision, Renesa is the place for you. Even if you have immense zeal but no concrete work to show, don't shy away from applying.

Role Descriptions
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