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Mindbend 23'

Mindbend, the annual techno-managerial fest of SVNIT, was held in the eventful month of April 2023. This captivating blend of tech and business was met with an enthusiastic and immersed audience who attended events throughout the entire campus.

This year, the fest followed the theme “Defenfusion: Transmogrify Tech Warfare” as a tribute to the contributions and sacrifices made by the armed forces. It aimed to showcase defense technology being employed by the armed forces from robots to rockets.

To ensure that no one misses out on the incredible experience, the official media and publishing house of SVNIT, Renesa, brings you the highlights of Mindbend’23 as captured by the following flagship events:


Rocket X was a workshop on rocketry conducted by Resolute Lab over the span of 2 days at Old CRC. The event was met with enthusiasm, not just from SVNIT students but also from students across Surat.

The speakers Mr. Arjit Saxena and Mr. Harsh Verma spoke about the basics of Rocketry, including aerodynamic modeling, types of rockets, and the motors used in them. The session also included a talk about Avionics, which deals with the electric and electronic subsystems that act as the brain of the rocket.

On the whole, attendees found the session to be very informative and interesting, and thus the event was a success.

Dalal Street

Dalal Street was one of the mega events organized by CCAC as part of Mindbend. The first elimination round was conducted online on the Quiziz platform and 30 teams were selected to compete on the basis of knowledge of stock market terminologies, operations, and factors that impact stock prices on a realistic trading platform that simulated the market.

The final round took inspiration from the series “The bull of Dalal Street”, to recreate a physical market set in 1992 at the Canteen Cements on 31/03/23. Mr. Vikram Rathod and Mr. Hemantkumar Bulsara presided over the event. Each team had appointed brokers who would buy, sell, and trade stocks amongst themselves while abrupt news events were announced that disrupted the market.


Model United Nations was one of the megaevents of Mindbend, which took place in three rounds. For the first round, which was conducted on 26th March, participants were quizzed on current affairs based on which they were shortlisted for Round 2, a case study for which participants were required to prepare position papers describing the stand of their allocated countries on the issue -Russia Ukraine war- by 28th of March. 10 participants were shortlisted for the Final debate on 1st April, which was monitored by Professor Vikram Rathod.

Delegates of Ukraine, Russia, and Japan secured the first, second and third positions in the Final Round respectively.

Carry the consignment

Carry The Consignment was held on the morning of 1st April from 9 am onwards at the SAC ground. It was one of the two events organized by Phoenix Aero, a Student Chapter of SVNIT in collaboration with Mindbend. The event was graced by the presence of Colonel Rishikesh Soni. The task was to design an RC aircraft that could carry payload. The scores for the teams were calculated by the formula: [(weight of payload)*(time of flight)]/(weight of empty plane). JM-RC, a team from Ganpat University scored the highest and bagged the first position. A lightweight body, proper thrust to weight ratio and impressive time of flight were some of the factors which propelled it towards success. The second position was bagged by Blade Runner from GCET, while Flight Phoenix from Navrachana came third. Both of these planes weighed around 1 kg and were able to carry 20 balls.


Robowars was the flagship technical event of Mindbend. Held over a span of two days in the Canteen Cements, battles were organized for battlebots of the 15kg Lightweight Class and the 60kg Middleweight class.

Five teams participated in the 60 kg weight class of battlebots, with Rock Robotics in first place followed by KnockBotz in second place. In the 15 kg weight class, the first place was won by the relatively new but ambitious Team Black Diamond. Second and third place were bagged by Rock Robotics' lightweight champions Maya and Destro respectively. Battles were conducted in 3 minute rounds in a 19'x19'x11' bulletproof arena on a knockout basis. Playstyle, attacks, defense strategies, and a few other categories were taken into consideration for the declaration of the winner.

TVS Stunt Show

This year's Mindbend also featured a TVS Stunt Show which truly stole the hearts of everyone. The students got to witness dangerous stunts being performed by professional stuntmen on bikes with their own eyes in what was an exhilarating exhibition of courage and craftsmanship.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. And such is the case for Mindbend’23 as well. The three-day festival transpired in the blink of an eye, brimming with over 20 activities, workshops, and events. So much was happening that many attendees failed to discern when it began and concluded. We can’t wait to see what the organizers have in store for us next year.


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