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LAC National Quiz Report

Written by Omkar Ojas Kanade, Ragni Trivedi

The Literary Affairs Committee (LAC) of SVNIT conducted a Republic Day Special National quiz on the 26th of January, 2022. The preliminary round was conducted on the 24th of January and over 427 teams took part in this quiz with a whopping 1127 participants. Only 16 teams qualified for the final quiz. Students from a variety of disciplines took part in this event conducted on Google Meet. The Quiz Master (QM) displayed and read out the perplexing questions, and the participants answered on WhatsApp.

The 16 participating teams were: ‘4 Hindustani from NIT Jamshedpur, ‘LowKey’ from IIITDM Kancheepuram, ‘Return to Monk-e’ from SVNIT, ‘QURIOUS DOCS’ from Gauhati Medical College, ‘IndieIndia’ from IIT Guwahati, ‘Char chand’ from NIT Rourkela, ‘Espada’ from PES University, ‘Pionel Pepsi’ from MNNIT, ‘FHBC-XL’ from XLRI Jamshedpur, ‘Khopcha’ from NITIE Mumbai, ‘I am Batman’ from National Law School of India University, ‘Sherlocked’ from ARSD College, ‘Qizzards’ from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, ‘Dscians’ from Dyal Singh College, ‘Better Call Kaul’ from IIM Ahmedabad. (‘Veni Vidi Vici’ from Ashoka University- absent)

The quiz was split into three rounds- ‘Elimination Round’, ‘Pick Your Poison’, and ‘Long Connect’. The first round involved a series of brain-racking questions and all the teams got to test their mettle. Eight of the sixteen teams got past the elimination round and went on to ‘Pick their Poison’. This round had an interesting twist called ‘Pounce’ where other teams could pounce on a question directed toward a particular team in a 15-second window and bag the points. The poisons offered were: MELA, International relations, Food, Famous Personalities, Etymology, Biz tech, It happens only in India, and Monuments. The final round was 'Long Connect'. Every team worked through four questions, the answer to each being a hint for the final answer. The eight teams took a good crack at all the questions thrown at them and tried to connect the dots. It was quite a sight to see them using their knowledge and rationale to win this extremely competitive quiz.

While the scores were being calculated after each round, the attendees were kept on their toes with extra questions to try their luck at.

After a hard-fought battle that lasted for about three and a half hours ‘I am Batman’ from National Law School of India University won, bagging the first place with 261 points, ‘QURIOUS DOCS’ from Gauhati Medical College secured the second place with 255 points and ‘Khopcha’ from NITIE Mumbai was placed 3rd with a total score of 250 points. Dr. Ravi Kant Sir was called upon to announce and congratulate the winners and gave a few encouraging words to the participants. Overall, the event was a big success, providing students with a conducive environment to compete positively, also offering a welcome break from the routine of the online sessions.

Omkar Ojas Kanade Correspondent Renesa Ragni Trivedi Correspondent Renesa LAC Instagram Handle: @lacsvnit

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