Written by Devanshu Vyas

guy chillin in a car listening to music
Illustrated by Yash Bhardava © Renesa - SVNIT

From foggy windows en route winding roads,

As the trees blur in the blink of an eye,

In the din of the latest song that internet loads,

Lies a moment’s silence, for me to contemplate.

Is it the Whatsapp group of the trips I planned?

Or that hobby I planned to learn in my free time?

Amidst memories of the past, promises of the future,

Which are the stories that I wish to nurture?

There are things I desire, and bills I still owe,

Wistful plans of places to where I want to go.

But there are places I must be, save for future and dues to clear,

Which is the one that matters now, matters here?

Devanshu Vyas Guest Writer SVNIT Surat.


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